4.60 (data di rilascio 18 Marzo 2022)

Irfanview Versione 4.60

Version 4.60            (Release date: 2022-03-18)

Novità della versione 4.60:

– JPG save preview dialog: Options to zoom/scroll the preview image
– New option in File menu: Compare current image with another image
– Option for Favorite menus (Edit menu); Right mouse click on menu item
– Options menu to “Create new EXIF data” in JPGs without EXIF
– New browsing options for mouse wheel (Properties->Browsing)
– Support for QOI format (Formats PlugIn, reading and saving)
– Improved DDS loading (BC7 compression, thanks to Richard Geldreich)
– TIF loading fixed (Thanks to Aslan Gurtsiev, CVE-2021-46064)
– New hotkey: ALT + SHIFT + B: Show thin or normal border (current
session only)
– Several PlugIns are changed/updated, please install the newest versions:
   Download from: